Rolf Sattler's Free Online Books

Wilber's AQAL Map and Beyond (2008)

A critical appreciation of Ken Wilber's map of the Kosmos, called AQAL, and the proposal of a Dynamic Mandala that is still more comprehensive than Wilber's map.

Healing Thinking and Being
(a manuscript that can be changed and updated, first published in 2010)

This book examines the wounds that have been inflicted on our personal lives, society, and the planet by our common ways of thinking, and it proposes other ways of thinking—healing thinking—that can heal these wounds and prevent or reduce further injuries.

Wholeness, Fragmentation, and the Unnamable:
Holism, Materialism, and Mysticism
A Mandala
(an open book that can be changed and updated, first published 2016):

This book about the big picture is based on a dynamic mandala that conveys a mandalic worldview and living (more)


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